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Artist & Illustrator

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I'm Mariah, a 25 year old self-taught artist & illustrator living in the Netherlands.  

I make paintings and digital illustrations and I like to be of service for all in need of unique artwork! 

Most of the art I make for myself or in my free time is inspired by the vast universe and its mysteries, that’s why you will find surreal elements throughout my work.  I love experimenting with different styles and I like the challenge of creating custom artwork based on the clients vision.

Hey there!

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I'm glad you're here!

My work

Check out my work down below or request a comission. 

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Let's make magic!

Custom made artwork

If you are looking for a fun, colorful illustration, a clean sketch, a small painting or if you need help on a different creative project - I'm more then happy to help! 

If you have questions ect., feel free to send me a message!


Until then, warm regards!


How It Works

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Fill in the form and explain your request as detailed as possible. You can also add reference pictures to your request.


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After we've made an agreement you will be asked to make a payment of 50% of the estimated price.

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After recieving the payment, I will start with the production. 

3 Rounds of Consultations

1. Round -> Sketch

2. Round -> Color
3. Round -> Details

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After fishing the final artwork approved by you and recieving the other 50% of the price, your files will be sent to you by email/mail.

How It Works
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"Mariah’s mural work for PapaJeevz pizzeria is an absolute masterpiece. Her work is exquisite. She loves what she does, works extremely fast, and is a true pleasure to work with (...)"


—  Papa Jeevz, Pizza Restaurant (Sri Lanka)

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Let's Chat!


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